Silage Bailing

The silage is very important feed in the time of scarcity such as in the dry season. It’s a good source of nutrients used as a replacement of green fodder. It is very economical for the farmer to use it by purchasing the readymade silage otherwise it will take a lot of time, labor and cost for cultivation of the crop till the formulation and use.

We are producer & Exporter of corn silage from Pakistan.

We make high quality silage from our own grown corn crop & from our growers. We would like to offer 100% Corn silage to you as per standard specifications given below.

Product: 100% Corn Silage
Protein: 6.2% (Digestible)
Fat: 2.75% (Digestible)
Moisture: 65%
Dry Matter: 35%
Impurities: Under 1%
Air Tight: 100% air tight round bale
Packing Material: High quality white ultra-violets rays protected plastic sheet.
Packing Shape: Round bale
Packing Weight: 1MT (or as per requirement)

We have well repute in domestic market as well as foreign market. We are looking forward for more long term relations.