Milk Supreme Plus

This is the maintenance ration for the animals the maintenance ration is the amount of balanced ration which is required to fulfill the maintenance need of a particular animal.

This helps to keep the body weight of such an animal unaltered, since it is either, growing, not yielding milk, nor working. The maintenance ration has the following functions to be performed in the body.

  1. To supply heat for the proper maintenance of body temperature.
  2. To supply energy for proper functioning of heart brain, lungs and other vital organs of the body.
  3. To repair the daily wear and tear of body tissue.
  4. To compensate the loss of minerals from the body.
  5. To provide essential nutrients, particularly vitamins for maintenance of life and well-being.
  6. Its CP (crude protein) percentage is16.90, ether extract 2.00, crude fiber11.94, crude ash 09.55 and moisture 09.00.