Milk Plus Gold

The feeding requirements for lactating cows are different from that of calves and heifers.The amount of feed provided to the cows depends on the amount of milk it produces, its weight, temperature and levels of activity. Whatever the case, the cow needs balanced feeds that provide energy (carbohydrates and fats), protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins in sufficient amounts.

  1. Our product Milk gold plus is effective and whole some for the high yielding cattle.
  2. This is formulated on the basis of maturational requirement of high yielders.
  3. It is toxin free and boosts the immune system and protects the animal from the diseases and increases the animal milk production as well as reproductive performance.
  4. Its CP (crude protein) percentage is 19.65, ether extract 4.15, crude fiber14.36, crude ash 12.29 and moisture 11.53.