Diseases Management

Diseases of poultry are the main obstacles to the producers for poultry farming. Diseases are the main causes of failure in poultry industry. In accordance with human civilization growth, people started to keep wild birds for their own need of meat and eggs. A later person starts to raise this bird at home. This household birds or poultry provides us with food and vitamins. They give us meat and egg to fulfill our regular food and nutrition demand. The farmer who raises them can earn money by selling their meet and eggs. In a word, it has very important role in human food and economic condition. Among different types of household birds’ chickens, ducks, pigeon, quail, swan, turkey etc. are most important. People are rearing them from a long time ago. But now it is time to raise them commercially and scientifically according to rapid population growth.

There are many difficulties to raise the birds at home and farm. Lack of sufficient investment, food problem, low knowledge about modern farming, low knowledge of animal health and diseases, transportation problem, lack of veterinarian service, diseases are the main constraints of domestic farming. Among those, diseases of poultry are the main problem. So, it is very important to know more about the poultry health and diseases of poultry or poultry illness for the farmer. Poultry can be affected by different types of diseases. These diseases can reduce the production and causes death or other health hazard. Prevention of tropical diseases is more useful than curing the diseases. So, you have to be conscious about the poultry care. You have to use modern farm management, cleanliness, health of poultry and regular poultry vaccination. You must have to meet with the poultry vet regularly. If you want to make more profit from your poultry farm, it is very important to keep the poultry birds healthy and free from diseases.

Different types of poultry diseases
Diseases are dire threat for poultry industry. There are many reasons for why the farmer loses money from their poultry farm. Diseases are the main of them. So, if the farm can not be free from diseases the existence of farm will finish and no return would make. Poultry suffers from many types of diseases. Among those, some occur for virus, pathogenic microorganisms,  malnutrition, problem in food consume, acidity, pesticides and some other diseases occur due to miss management. Generally, baby birds suffer more than the adult poultry. There are many types of poultry diseases.Such as…….

  • Ranikhet (Newcastle Disease)
  • Chicken pox disease
  • Gumboro disease
  • Mareks disease
  • Duck plague disease
  • Cholera disease
  • Pullorum disease
  • Coccidiosis diseases

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