About Us

Albarkah is working closely with farmers and suppliers. We provide safe and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of this sector. Albarkah is operating in more than 200 Cities we believe in responsible leadership, farmer’s profitable growth and high crop production in accordance with environmental sustainability and helpful corporate culture. Pakistan world’s 3rd largest milk producer with 50 million animals, produces 36.6 billion liters of milk annually (approximates). 10 million farming families have a direct impact on 60 million people and the contribution of milk to the country’s GDP stands at 11%.

Dairy farming is characterized by fragmented, smallholder farmers operating at subsistence level. Absence of modern dairy farming knowledge limits their opportunities for commercial benefits.

 We offer a wide range of products and services for dairy, poultry and agriculture industry in Pakistan.

Feed Products

We provide high quality feed products with vast range and according to the stage and need of animals. We provide feed for dairy as well as beef animals. Our products are formulated according to specie and age of animals as well. Our major products are Urea-molasses multinutrient blocks (UMMB), Wanda (milk flow super, milk plus gold, calf grow, plus buffalo plus, meat grow plus, milk flow supreme), Silage and Raw material.

Dairy Farm Equipments

Dairy equipments are important for proper dairy farm management. The equipment and tools makes the management easy and reduces the labour as well. We provide wide range of farm equipments which includes milking machines (different parlour systems) and fans etc.

Consultancy Services

- We provide consultancy services for
- Any issue on dairy farm
- Starting new dairy enterprise.
- Neutrional management.
- Feasibilities studies.
- Disease management.
- Market issues.
- Reducing the cost and increases the profit.